Your emotions and your logic are at war. Your creativity and your analysis are at war. And most simply, your left and right brain are at war. To fix the problem, we must separate them from each other.


i also hope that you don’t see through
this cleverly constructed ruse
designed by a marketing team
cashing in on puberty and low self-esteem
and girls’ desperate need to feel loved (x)


I think we should do a poem now, if that’s okay. This poem is a little bit sappy a little bit romantic, so we’ll get it out of the way now… Okay. It’s called I Fuck Sluts.

Bo Burnham || what.

Take those headphones off right now!


Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt

Marvel Studios’ Chris Crisis (Chrisis)


Marvel: So for Thor we’ve cast Chris Hemsworth…


Me: Ooo, he’s hot!

Marvel: Then for Captain America we’ve got Chris Evans…


Me: Also extremely hot.

Marvel: Now to complete the Chris trifecta we’ve cast Chris Pratt as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy.


Me: Andy from Parks and Rec? He’s more goofy-cute than hot.

Marvel: We will make him hot.

Me: Yeah okay….


Me: Wha?!

Marvel: You’re welcome.